Allied Artists Pictures Presents

A Peter Liapis Film



  • Realase date: TBD
  • Executive Producer: Kim Richards
  • Produced by: Peter Liapis and William Summers
  • CO - Producer: David Richter
  • Language: English
  • Showing in: 2D, 3D
  • Review Ratings: Click here


Stick An 8 year-old Chinese boy, Li MuRong, is walking along the beach on his way home from school in costal city of Sanya on Hainan Island, when sees a vision that stops him dead in his tracks. This young boy is truly mesmerized by what he sees. As the setting sun’s sparkling light dances among the waves he sees a man in a “standing” positon moving along the inside of a large wave. The man’s feet are pressed together, his arms streached out wide, his head tilted back which helps his long, glistening, gold colored hair trail behind him in the wind as he faces the heavens with a grand and joyful smile. It looks like he is literally “flying” through the air. This is “Surfer Joe”, a lone American surfer whose life has been simplified down to a single task: that has been simplified down to a single task: that of finding uninhabited beaches in which to surf. As the waves crashes over the back of the surfboard Joe is performing the ultimate maneuver, “Hanging Ten”. To him this is just one of a million tricks on one of a thousand beaches he will visit in his life. To Li, it is far more.

From that day on, the man with long golden hair riding the magical board will be the only thing he thinks about. That image will possess his mind and spirit and become the dominating force in his life. He didn’t know it then, but that was the day he became a “surfer” who would some day compete for the title of the “Best Surfer in the World”.





PETER LIAPIS Producer: Graduating from Cal State University in Fullerton in 1973, Peter made the move to Hollywood where he landed his first starring role opposite the legendary Mae West in “Sextette”, which also gave him the chance to work with Ringo Starr and Timothy Dalton. He went on to star in numerous feature films and in television. By the early 90’s he moved behind the camera as co-writer and executive producers for Cinetel Films and wrote and/or directed “Stranger in the house”, “Captured”, “Alone with a Stranger” and “Stepdaughter” for The Image Organization and WIN International Pictures.

At the turn of the millennium Peter helped from Allegiant Metro Studios, a Production/Distribution company in Santa Monica, Califonia where he concentrated his screen writing abilities and story development skills in targeting the “spiritually progressive” demographic. In 2004 Peter joined Global Universal Film Group as Senior Vice President and Head of Development and in 2008 became President of Global Univerdal Entertainment where he was instrument in bringing its parent public company, Global Entertainment Holdings(GBHL), onto the OTC.

Liapis is currently President of Allied Artist Film Group overseeing all aspects of development and production.

WILLIAM SUMMERS Producer: As a 25 year veteran in the entertainment industry, Will Summers’ wide range of experience covers every aspect of the entertainment business, including a unique and innovative approach to film making, financing and producing which has enable him to work on many film, television and music project over the past several years.

Summer began his career in the music business working with such major companies as Warner Brothers, Electra, Atlantic, Reprise, Intersound, where he worked with many of the top recording artist. in 1999 Summer’s moved to be the Vice President of A&R for Avalon Records in Nashville, TN.

In the Spring of 2003 Summers’ went back to his career in television and film, producing national and international television show like Vessel Fitness, Vegas Pawn and working on films with Matthew McConnaughey, Illeana Douglas, Clarence Williams III and others.

In the Fall of 2010 Summers’ was brought on as Sr. Vice President of Allied Artist Film Group, assisting Liapis in running all aspects of the company.